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Implementation of biometric based security solutions is becoming a necessary and integral part of protecting an organization’s infrastructure. Due to an overwhelming surge in fraudulent and illegal activities (identify theft, internal theft, consumer theft, welfare benefit abuse, government over sight and enforcement etc.), we at Bio Touch Solutions continuously strive to create efficient and effective applications to simplify everyday business demands, ensure industry compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations, and make every effort to simplifying the responsibilities of each and every one of our clients.

A leader in development and deployment of biometric applications for your business needs, Bio Touch Solutions addresses all areas of business from Human Resources, Operations, Risk management, IT and Loss Prevention. We have developed, tested, and proven solutions for many mechanical equipment operations such as balers, compactors, freight elevators and passenger elevator. Other areas include but not limited to access control, time and attendance, PC security, network room security and many other applications.
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